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AIRS Cardio Forum

How to set up a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

15.09.2017 – 17.09.2017     For Registration see here.

Orenda Village, Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine // Yenqing/Beijing // China

Academic conference with integrated workshops

The Cardio Forum was developed under the scientific guidance and support of the Chairman of the Forum, Prof. Dayi Hu, MD, in Cooperation with the Chinese Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation and the Institute for Cardiology and Sports Medicine, Department of Preventive and Rehabilitative Sport, and Exercise Medicine at the German Sport University Cologne


Advancing Your Skills – Invitation for Professionals
Who should attend?

Rehabilitation Specialists, Cardiologists, Sports Trainer, Rehabilitation Trainer, Medical Professionals, Rehabilitation Clinic and Center Operators

Your Benefits

Goal of the forum is to impart the fundamental knowledge in regards of cardiac rehabilitation concepts in theory and praxis and enable the participants to implement the concept in their clinical work. Attendees acquire knowledge regarding the medical-therapeutic treatment goals, the educational approach and active training related treatment strategies applied.

The course participants learn

  • about the main assessment procedures and intervention strategies applied in the different phases of cardiac rehabilitation programs.
  • how to assess cardiac patients with different indications
  • how to interprete and transfer the assessment results into a treatment plan considering indication and individual condition
  • how to apply rehabilitation technology and equipment in cardiac rehabilitation considering safety and the patient´s individual condition

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The Background

The Forum and Workshop „Cardiac Rehabilitation Center“ introduces the cardiac rehabilitation treatment concept as an essential part of modern, ICF based rehabilitation treatment programs (ICF: International classification of functioning, disability and health. WHO 2001).

Cardiac rehabilitation developed steadily in the Western countries and already there is a common understanding about a standard treatment concept. Cardiac rehabilitation follows a phase-model: The rehabilitation starts at in hospital stage and is continued immediately after the release from the hospital as an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation treatment in specialized cardiac rehab clinics. After the first 2 rehabilitation phases done in the clinic environment, Phase 3 focuses on a lifelong secondary prevention program in outpatient heart sport groups at home - focusing mainly on exercise therapy/MTT treatment to maintain the physical condition.

Main target of cardiac rehabilitation is - in accordance with the ICF concept -  to restore impaired body structures and functions and overcome limitations in regards of Activity and Participation of the patient.
The multidimensional rehabilitation concept for cardiac patients consists of somatic, educative, psychological and social components. Training and physical exercising to improve and maintain the cardiovascular capability plays the major role within Phase 2 and 3 of cardiac rehabilitation.

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