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    Orenda is a membership-based health and happiness system operator which runs towns with a series of international characteristics. Orenda is dedicated to creation of an international cluster of realizing the dream of health and happiness for members.


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  • mttcenterii
    MTT Center

    Medical Training Therapy (MTT) is a systematic and aimed physical training under therapeutical guidance and supervision to treat and prevent complaints, diseases, pain and disorders. Furthermore, MTT training has a positive influence on the general state and stress level.


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  • museum

    The Orenda Tribal Psychosomatic Health (Medical) Museum provides first-rate services to maintain its customers’ physical, mental and social (community) health in order to build a continuous life-service system.


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  • airslearninghospital
    Knowledge Suite

    A knowledge suite harbors a collocation of mobile pieces made of intelligence and learnings. Mobile, because the elements can be rearranged, can be changed and receive value added by advanced solutions. And above all: because the elements can travel to your desk just by download for free.


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